Looking for what are 3 rehab types? Want to dig deeper into different types of rehabilitation and their facilities?

In our current blog, I’m explaining in detail 3 significant types of rehabs. This will help you to understand and gain clarity about the options available in rehabilitation programs.

Each rehab centre offers and specialises when it comes to various therapy and programs. So, making an informed decision while selecting the rehab is very important. Let me make it easy for you by sharing all the necessary information regarding types of rehabilitation.

What are 3 Rehab Types? – You Must Know to Choose the Right One

Rehab centres offer different therapy and programs. There are many categories when it comes to rehabilitation and the purpose of each rehab is different.

So, you should dig deeper and know about what are three types of rehabilitation-



Rehab for Occupational Therapy

The purpose of occupational therapy at rehab centres is to restore an individual’s function to perform normally at the workplace, at home and in the social community. This is a process that basically teaches how to adapt. 

Experts and therapists at rehabilitation centres help one to adapt to things like using a wheelchair, taking part in leisure activities, etc.

Also, when it comes to alcoholism and drug addicts, this therapy helps to adapt to a new environment and not to depend on any toxic substances. So, well-known rehab centres like Utile Foundation help in de-addiction by including therapies like occupational therapy. 



Rehabilitation for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is also popularly known as physiotherapy. Rehab centres that provide services of physical therapy involve restoring or improving one’s physical strength, sensations and movements of body parts, and boosting balance through targeted exercise and activities. 

Anyone who is facing body pain, or anyone who wants to strengthen their physical ability after injury or surgery can reach out to such rehabs. Physical therapy includes very effective techniques that help individuals to get rid of pain in the body and boosts the functionality of body parts. 

Rehabs with physiotherapy include many services and treatments like acupuncture, heat therapy, and particular exercises to remove stress from the muscles and body. 



Language and Speech Therapy Rehabs

Rehabilitation centres that offer speech and language therapy are for people to help to improve one’s communication and treat speech disorders. 

Such types of rehabilitation programs include counselling and treatment by speech therapists. The activities and treatment depend on the individual’s needs to provide one-on-one solutions to the difficulties that they face while speaking. 

This therapy is beneficial for young children who are learning a language but struggle with pronunciation and tongue movement due to various factors. However, speech therapy is for adults as well who have speech disorders and who struggle to pronounce certain words.


I hope now you have gained clarity about the 3 main types of rehabilitation and what exactly they offer in their therapies. When one chooses the best suitable rehab depending on one’s needs then only one gets the right treatment and solutions.