Want to gain clarity about what are 7 rehab types? Wondering which kind of rehab therapy helps the most?

In our current blog, I’m going to explain in detail about what are seven types of rehabilitation. This will help you to select the right therapy and rehab centre to get more benefits with the right solution.

What are 7 Types of Rehabs and What They Offer?

Let’s dig deeper into each type of rehabilitation centre to understand the purpose and which type of treatment is suitable in different situations- 


Cognitive-Behaviour Rehabilitation

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy helps to boost one’s cognitive skills like decision making, planning, reasoning etc. This type of rehab is very beneficial for people struggling with illness, anxiety, and depression.

Moreover, Cognitive-Behaviour rehab helps with substance abuse problems and it is proven useful in treating alcoholism and drug addiction. Well-known rehabs like the Utile Foundation include a cognitive therapy program.



Pharmacorehabilitation is a combination of rehabilitation and pharmacotherapy. This is a therapy to improve physical and mental function through the medication and right type of drugs.

Thus, Pharmacorehabilitation includes medication adjustment to reduce any adverse effects and to treat impairment along that focuses on recovery. 


Rehab Centre for Physical Therapy

Rehabs that provide physical therapy involve restoring or improving one’s physical strength, sensations, and movements of body parts, and boosting balance through targeted exercise and activities. 

Physical therapy is commonly known as physiotherapy. This is a significant component of rehabilitation and this therapy includes very effective techniques to improve one’s health. 


Recreational Therapy 

Recreational rehabilitation aims to improve one’s skills and abilities and focuses on social and emotional well-being. When it comes to people with addictions like drugs and alcohol, recreational therapy helps them to build new habits.

Art, music, games, storytelling, cooking, etc are the activities that are included in recreational therapy in rehab centres. 


Speech and Language Therapy 

Rehabs offer speech and language therapy to help to improve one’s communication and treat speech disorders. 

Such rehabilitation programs include counselling and treatment by speech therapists. The activities and treatment depend on the individual’s needs. This therapy is beneficial for adults as well as children who struggle with pronunciation, language, tongue movement, and difficulties in talking.


Occupational Therapy 

The motive of occupational therapy is to restore an individual’s function to perform normally at the home, workplace and in the community. Occupational therapy at rehab centres basically teaches how to adapt. 

Therapists at a rehab help one to adapt to things like using a wheelchair, taking part in leisure activities, etc. Also, when it comes to alcoholism and drug addicts, this therapy helps to adapt to a new environment and to not to depend on any substances. 


Vocational Rehabilitation 

The purpose of vocational rehab is to prepare individuals to return to work after illness, medical event or injury. 

For example, substance abuse is an illness and therapists along with counsellors help to treat it so that a person goes back to work.

I hope you have got an answer to your question – what are 7 rehab types and their services? So, choose the rehabilitation centre according to one’s needs to get the most benefits from therapies.