Making efforts to find a top-notch and effective detox centre in Bangalore?

At ‘Utile Foundation’, we have years of experience in detoxification therapy. We are meeting the expectations of people who reach out to us for de-addiction.

‘Utile Foundation’ is Most Prefered Detox Centre in Bangalore

In our team, we have licensed physicians and counsellors who offer supportive and effective detox therapy based on an individual’s condition.

People prefer our detoxification centre in Bangalore due to our result-driven therapies.

Safe Detoxification Under the Guidance of Experts is Our Priority at Our Centre

Detoxification is a crucial therapy for people who have been consuming toxic substances like alcohol and drugs for a long time.

The risk is involved in detoxification if it is not done in the right way with the support of the medical team. So, we prioritise safety during the removal of substances from one’s body.

We understand that people go through a lot of changes mentally and physically during detoxification. Some feel high blood pressure, anxiety, vomiting, etc. So, we provide proper care and support for an individual at our detox centre.

We Follow Natural Methods for Detoxification that are Very Effective 

Detoxification can be done in many ways with different processes. However, the chosen method for detoxification should not harm one’s health.

So, we are very selective and we prefer natural methods that are tested and proven for detoxification. We advise detox therapy by considering one’s condition.

Our staff at the detox centre observe and analyse one’s mind and health conditions day and night during detoxification to avoid any uneasy situations. 

Along With Detoxification What Does ‘Utile Foundation’ Offer?

We provide individual counselling, group counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), fitness training, etc. These are the major programs at our detox centre in Bangalore for drugs, alcohol and smoking.

After detoxification one can get more benefits and fasten the recovery with these programs.

Our Facilities Make One’s Stay Comfortable at Detox Centre

At our detox centre in Bangalore for alcohol and drugs, we believe in providing a comfortable environment to make one’s stay better. So, we have included all the basic facilities at our centre.

At Utile Foundation one can expect a WiFi connection, hot water and a washing machine facility and healthy breakfast and meals. Also, for entertainment, we provide indoor games like carrom, chess, etc.

How Many Days One Should Stay at Alcohol and Drugs Detox Centre in Bangalore?

Usually, detoxification is a 3-10 days course. However, some people need more time for detoxification depending on one’s condition.

Also, it is always good to take rehabilitation after detoxification. So, at our centre, we have rehab programs along with detox therapy. Thus, the duration of one’s stay can be 30-90 days at our centre for better recovery.

What is the Cost of Detoxification for Alcohol and Drugs?

The price of detoxification depends on several factors such as the number of days, services, health condition and treatment, etc. At the lower end, the cost can be 500 INR and it can go up to 1 lakh in some cases.

At ‘Utile Foundation’, we offer our detoxification therapy at reasonable prices. 

I hope now you have gained all the necessary information regarding our drug and alcohol detox centre in Bangalore. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries regarding our detoxification therapy and rehabilitation. You can call us on +91 72044 94005.