Wondering how to reach out to top-notch drug rehabilitation centres in Bangalore? Thinking about rehab programs that help in overcoming drug addictions?

At ‘Utile Foundation’, we are happy to say that we have helped so many people by providing quality-driven therapy at our drug rehab centre. In our current blog, I’m providing you with all the details about our drug rehab in Bangalore.

‘Utile Foundation’ is One of The Best Drug Rehabilitation Centres in Bangalore Where People Have Got Solutions for Addiction

Our drug rehab centre has got a valid licence to run rehabilitation programs. We have built a qualified team and have years of experience to offer the right type of approved therapies for drug addicts.

What Does ‘Utile Foundation’ include in the Therapy for Drug Addicts?

De addiction to drugs is a complex phase and it requires a personalised solution. The programs vary from person to person depending on the individual’s needs based on the drug type and habits. 

So, our therapy and programs are created in such a way that every individual gets personal attention and care at our drug rehab centre. 

We include very effective process and rehab programs such as detoxification therapy, individual counselling, group counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), fitness training, etc.

Our Individual Counselling for Drug Addicts Helps Beyond Imagination

Individual counselling is a crucial part of our rehabilitation centre for drug addicts in Bangalore. We understand that it’s not easy for drug addicts to share their journey, habits and thoughts in-front of others. 

In this case, our experienced counsellors make it easy and comfortable for drug addicts to talk and share their thoughts. This builds a great support system for drug addicts. Ultimately, this helps our counsellors to guide and direct them in healing.

What is the Role of ‘Group Counselling’ During Drug De-Addiction at Rehabilitation?

We have group counselling as well along with one-on-one counselling options. Group counselling helps to build a friendly environment among drug addicts to discuss and share their journey. 

Our counsellors make sure that such group counselling helps to build confidence in drug addicts and to socialise with their peers without hesitation. This also motivates and encourages all the drug addicts in the group to create new good habits and overcome addiction.

Safe Detoxification Process for Drug Addicts is Our Priority at Our Rehab Centre

Removing toxic substances like drugs from the body is known as detoxification. This is considered as the most important step and it needs a very careful process and experts to do this. 

We have a medical team and resources with us for the detoxification of drugs. We choose safe and natural methods for this without harming one’s health.

Our ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ Helps to Treat Substance Abuse Problems 

To boost cognitive skills like planning, reasoning, and decision making, CBT helps a lot. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is very beneficial for people struggling with illness, anxiety, and depression due to drug addiction.

Drug addicts feel it easy to control their negative thoughts and inclination towards substances as a result of CBT. 

How Many Days Does One Need to Stay at a Drug Rehab Centre in Bengaluru?

The duration depends on the individual. Some drug addicts need to be at the rehab centre for 30 days whereas some people should stay there for up to 120 days.

Thus, when one should stop rehab depends on various factors.

Facilities at Our Rehab Centre Makes One’s Stay Comfortable and Easy

We provide all the necessary and basic facilities to make drug addicts stay comfortable. So, people consider us a good rehabilitation centre in Bangalore.

We provide WiFi internet facility, hot water, healthy breakfast and meals, washing machine, etc. Also, we have indoor games like chess, carrom and much more at our rehabilitation centre. 

What is the Price of Joining a Drug Rehab Program?

In cities like Bengaluru, the cost of joining a drug rehab centre is anywhere between 200-1500 INR per day. The price depends on services and the extra facilities at rehab centres.

At ‘Utile Foundation’, we provide quality services that help one in the drug de-addiction journey at a very reasonable price.

I hope now you have gained all the necessary information regarding our rehabilitation centre in Bangalore for drugs. It is always better to reach out to rehab to get help for de-addiction and detoxification. Feel free to call us on +91 72044 94005 for any queries regarding our rehab programs.