Wondering how to look for the top-rated drugs de addiction counselling in Bangalore? Is finding the right counsellor for de-addiction challenging for you?

At ‘Utile Foundation’, we have counsellors in our team with years of experience in handling people who are struggling to overcome drug addiction.

‘Utile Foundation’ is Most Preferable for Drug De Addiction Counselling in Bangalore

We believe that the right counsellors transform the lives of people by solving drug addiction problems in one’s life.

At our rehabilitation, we have on-boarded counsellors who are very supportive and provide result-oriented counselling sessions for the de-addiction of drugs. 

Individual Counselling for Drug Addicts to Provide Personalised De-Addiction Treatment with Care

We understand the outstanding benefits of one-on-one counselling for drug addicts. For a lot of addicts, it is very challenging to talk about their habits, fears and thoughts with anyone. In such cases, undoubtedly individual counselling is best suitable for recovery.

At our centre, counsellors provide a friendly and comfortable environment for drug addicts to share their deepest emotions, fears, anxiety and overall about addiction.

This ultimately helps to offer better and personalised treatment for those with drug de-addiction. Our counsellors know exactly how to communicate well with drug addicts to make them feel safe and secure to begin deep discussions with them regarding habits to find effective solutions.

Group Counselling in Bengaluru to Say Goodbye to Drug Addictions

Group counselling is a part of our rehabilitation to encourage drug addicts in quitting the consumption of toxic substances. Our counsellors make sure that every individual in the group gets benefits and seeks inspiration from their fellow peers. 

Group counselling makes room for free discussion of drug addiction. One can share their personal stories of drug addiction with others. This helps everyone to learn from peers and work towards a common goal, which is the de-addiction to drugs. 

Also, one feels belongingness in the community when one interacts with another person in the group who has a similar journey when it comes to drug de-addiction.

How Many Days Counselling is Needed for Drug Addicts?

The counselling duration varies from person to person. Some drug addicts need limited counselling sessions. 

Whereas, some addicts require a longer period of time and multiple counselling sessions. Our counsellor’s schedule and decide the sessions based on an individual’s needs for their recovery. 

Also, our counsellors direct and recommend other medical and psychiatric services whenever necessary for a drug addict. So, the counselling sessions may get extended if needed.

How to Book an Appointment with a Counselor for Drug De-Addiction in Bengaluru?

Utile Foundation is available all 7 days to book one-on-one and group counselling for drug addicts at our centre in Bengaluru.

You can visit our official website for scheduling counselling therapy. We are also available on WhatsApp to book counselling. Feel comfortable to call us on +91 72044 94005 for any queries and questions regarding our counselling program.

How Much Does a Counselor Charge for Drugs Addiction Treatment in Bangalore?

The fees of counselling for drug addicts depend on several factors such as hours of the session, facilities at the centre, etc. In the cities like Bangalore, the counselling price can be between 500-1500 INR.

At ‘Utile Foundation’, we offer drugs De addiction therapy in Bangalore at reasonable and affordable prices.

I hope now you have gained clarity and all the necessary information for any drug addiction treatment in Bangalore. Reach out to us without any hesitation to seek help from our counsellors.