Are all the online reviews about rehabs real? Thinking about how to spot fake reviews for alcohol detox centres? 

In our current blog, I’m addressing the most significant question ‘How to stay aware of fraud alcohol recovery centres?’ This will help you to choose the genuine rehabilitation that provides good services.

How to Spot Fake Reviews for Alcohol Detox Centres? – 7 Super Smart Methods

It is always necessary to join a genuine rehabilitation centre that gives effective services. To find such rehab one usually reads online reviews but you must know that not all the reviews are genuine and real.

So, let me share some smart tips with you for fake review identification-


Analyse if the Tone of the Review Feels like a Rehab Advertisement!

When you read a review about rehab centres pay close attention to the tone of the writers to understand if it’s fake or real.

If a review is written with commercial language or a manipulative tone which forces the reader to join their rehab then those are fake.


Check Whether Most of the Reviews are Expressed with the Same Type of Words

Compare the reviews and see if most of the reviews include the same type of words.

Rehab centres may ask their close friends or relatives to write good reviews for their centres. In that case, they use different profiles to write reviews. You can spot them easily by observing that all such reviews usually include the same type of words as they have been submitted by a single person with fake profile names.


Mentioning Competitive Rehab Centres With Negative Feedback

To spoil the reputation of competitive rehab centres and to promote one’s own rehabilitation fake reviews are written.

So, if you find any online reviews mentioning competitive rehab centres and providing negative feedback about other rehabilitation is a sign of fake reviews.


Don’t Trust Generic Reviews for a Rehabilitation Easily

Using generic language and words in the reviews can be considered a sign of fakeness. For example, many reviews just say, ‘Nice’.

So, words like ‘nice’ without explaining anything specific or in detail sound like fake reviews. Genuine reviews usually include more words and are expressed in detail. If you find that many reviews include just generic words then it is better not to trust that rehab blindly.


Many Reviews for a Rehab Center in a Short Period of Time and then Suddenly Dip in the Next Month

Rehab centres may generate fake reviews within a short period of time. So, you have to check the timestamp of the reviews.

If in a particular month, you see a lot of reviews and in the next months if there are minimum or no reviews submitted then those are fake ones. For example, in January month if you find that there are 50 positive reviews and for the next months there are only 1-2 reviews then you must make an informed decision about such a rehab centre.


Reviews that are Too Much Positive but Without Being Specific are Mostly Fake

Beware of the reviews written with a lot of glorifying words but without exactly explaining the specific qualities and services of rehab centres.

Not all positive reviews are genuine. You should think about and analyse such reviews. Usually, genuine reviews include positive feedback about specific things that they liked about the rehab centre. For example, a person genuinely talks about a particular counsellor or particular therapy or a facility etc.


Look into the Percentage of Rating between 1-5 Stars to Spot Fakeness

You should check the percentage of ratings provided by people. If 100 people have given ratings and all of them have submitted 5 stars then probably it’s not genuine.

No matter how good the rehab is, there will be a difference in ratings. Some people give 5 stars and some give less than that. But if you find that everyone has submitted only a 5 star rating then it’s a sign of a fake rating system.

I hope now you have understood why not trust all online reviews for alcohol rehabs. So, always go the extra mile to do your own research about rehab centres rather than blindly believing all the online ratings and reviews.