How do you know you are an alcohol addict? What are the signs of alcoholism that need your immediate attention?

In our current blog, I’m sharing all the warning signs that tell you to take alcohol detox. This will help you to know if you are depending on substances.

How Do You Know You Are an Alcohol Addict? – 7 Must Considerable Signs 

Let’s understand the signs you’re addicted to alcohol-


Drinking to Escape From the Reality of Your Life

When you are consuming more alcohol often just to escape from the reality of your life then you should pay attention to your habit.

If you feel it is hard to deal with reality or situations in your life and you depend on substances like alcohol then you are probably addicted to it. 


Consuming More Alcohol Because of Loneliness

If you feel lonely or empty often and for this reason, if you have started to have alcohol then you are encouraging your drinking habit.

This is an early sign of alcohol addiction. If whenever you feel lonely on a regular basis and you are inclined towards alcohol then it’s high time to take some action to take care of your addiction.


Avoiding Office or College to Have Alcohol

If your daily life is getting affected by alcohol consumption then this is a major sign of an addiction which needs your attention. 

Some people choose to drink rather than go to work, the office or college. So, here one is not able to stop the interference of alcohol in normal life.


Feeling Anxiety on the Day When You Don’t Drink Alcohol

Do you feel something is missing in life on the days when you don’t consume alcohol? If yes, then there are probably more chances of being an alcohol addict.

When you feel uneasy and anxious, if you don’t get alcohol that means you are depending too much on it. 


Spending More Time With Alcoholic Friends and Consuming Substances

When you begin to hang out with alcoholics and drink often and are not able to say ‘no’ to them, this is a sign of addiction.

The day you start to enjoy the company of alcoholics and like to consume alcohol with them on a regular basis then you must check if you are getting addicted to it.


Depending on Alcohol Due to Low Self-Esteem

There are some people who depend on substances like alcohol because of their own low self-esteem.

So, in case if you start to consume alcohol by thinking negative things about yourself due to low self-esteem then chances are there that you are addicted. 


Consuming Alcohol Every Single Day 

When you start to feel like having alcohol every day then it is a sign of addiction.

There may be particular trigger points that make you think about alcohol. If you are not able to stop yourself when you face such trigger points in everyday life then that means you are following a habit and this has turned into alcohol addiction.

I hope now you have gained clarity about the signs that tell you to take alcohol detox. It is always good to observe and analyse your alcohol consumption habit and don’t hesitate to reach out to rehab to overcome your addiction.