Looking what is the difference between rehab and assisted living? Want to understand rehab versus assisted living?

In our current blog, I’m addressing all the queries regarding assisted living vs rehab centres. This will help you gain clarity on how rehab is different from assisted living.

Rehab versus Assisted Living: What is the Difference?

Some people think that rehab and assisted living are the same things. But in reality, there are many differences between assisted living and rehab centres.

So, let’s analyse and understand the comparison between rehab and assisted living-

Rehab and Assisted Living: Know the Real Meaning

Rehab is a course of treatment for alcohol or drug dependence, typically at a residential facility where people get a good and friendly environment to overcome their addictions.

Whereas, assisted living is a facility for people with disabilities or people who need help with daily care and assistance for their day-to-day life. This is a living space where people who have chosen not to live independently and need a helping hand to do regular activities.

What is the Main Purpose of Rehab and Assisted Living?

The purpose of rehab is to help people to overcome addictions like drugs, alcohol, and smoking by providing the required facilities and environment to such people who are trapped in addiction.

The main purpose of assisted living is to provide a place and assistants to people with disabilities, old age people or those who can not independently do all their daily activities alone.

Rehab versus Assisted Living: Which Facilities are Included?

Rehab centres have all the necessary facilities like one on one counselling, group counselling, internet or wifi, healthy food, playing indoor games like carrom etc. So, one gets all the facilities to normalise life and guidance to stay away from alcohol and drugs.

A good assisted living service includes all the needed services. Such as assistance with bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom, walking and eating, laundry services, three meals a day, medication management, transportation etc. Also, the staff around them are capable of handling unexpected issues along with scheduled needs.

Rehab VS Assisted Living: Are these Centres Taken Care by the Government?

There are government as well as private rehab centres across the globe. To run a private rehab one should have a licence. For example,  Utile Foundation is a well-known private rehabilitation centre and has a licence to run its organisation and programs.

Usually, assisted living service providers are privately owned organisations. However, there are a lot of assisted living programs by the government where that offer funds to some identified organisations that are such service providers. 

Rehab versus Assisted Living: What is the cost or price?

There are some government rehabs which provide services free of cost or at a very minimal price which is around 50 INR. However, private rehabs with all necessary good facilities cost anywhere between 200-1500 INR per day. There are also luxurious rehabs that cost 3,00,000-5,00,000 INR per month.

Assisted living services in India cost you anywhere between 500-5000 INR per day per person. The price depends on the facilities. Also, the cost varies depending on the needs of a person. For example, the needs of senior citizens and disabled young adults are different so the price also differs.

Thus, rehab focuses on providing services and an environment for drug or alcohol addicts to overcome their habits. Whereas, assisted living is all about providing care and help to the disabled, old age or anyone who feels it difficult to do day-to-day activities and depend on others.

I hope now you have understood the difference between rehab and assisted living. However, one thing is common rehab and assisted living both provide services to make one’s life easy and smooth. So, feel free to reach out to rehab and assisted living service providers whenever there is a necessity.