Want to understand what is the difference between rehab and detox? Looking for gaining clarity about rehab vs detox?

In our current blog, I’m explaining how rehab and detox centres are different. This will help you to seek the right treatment or course for the one who is in need.

Rehab Versus Detox: What are the Key Differences?

Some people think that there are similarities between rehab and detox. But in reality, detox is totally different from rehabilitation.

Let’s delve into the comparison between rehab and detox centres-

Understand the Real Meaning of Rehab and Detox

Rehab is a residential facility and a course of treatment for alcohol or drug dependence. It’s an organisation where people can get a good and friendly environment to overcome their addictions with the guidance of counsellors and build new good habits.

Detox means removing toxic substances like drugs from the body with proper treatment with the help and support of a medical team.

Rehab VS Detox: Which Facilities are Included?

One on one counselling, group counselling and behavioural therapy are the main programs of rehab centres. Along with this, a rehabilitation centre offers facilities like hot water, healthy meals, internet facilities like WiFi, indoor games like carrom, etc.

A detox centre offers facilities like a medical team for assessment and treatment. One gets all the proper healthcare facilities when needed because during detoxification one may face effects like vomiting, sweating, blood pressure fluctuation, etc. So, experts offer good healthcare facilities during detoxification.

Rehab Versus Detox: What is the Main Purpose?

The main motive of the rehab centre is to provide services to help drug and alcohol addicts to overcome their addiction and lead a normal life without depending on any such toxic substances.

Whereas, the purpose of a detox centre is to remove substances like drugs and alcohol from a person’s body so that the overdose of such toxic substances should not harm one’s physical health. 

Note: Some well-known rehab centres like Utile Foundation offer rehabilitation as well as natural detoxification therapy to remove toxic substances from the body. 

For How Long Does One Needs a Treatment at Rehab and Detox Centres?

Rehab offers a 30-90 days program by giving proper counselling and therapy. But in some cases, one may need to stay up to 120 days at a rehab centre depending upon their condition.

Detox is a process that takes 3-10 days. After detoxification, it is always better to join a rehab to recover and build good habits with the help of counselling. 

Rehab Centre VS Detox Centre: Are these Owned by the Government?

Some rehab centres are owned by the government. But most of the rehabilitation centres are private. In countries like India private rehabilitation programs and organisations are given a valid licence to run their centres.

Usually, detox centres are privately owned organisations. Also, most of the time detoxification is done in hospitals. 

What is the Price of a Rehab Program and Detoxification?

In countries like India, you can find budget-friendly to very luxurious rehab centres. A good rehab centre with basic facilities for a comfortable stay costs anywhere between 200-1500 INR per day. Whereas, a luxurious rehab’s price range is between 3-5 lakh INR per month. Government rehabs provide free of cost services or charge minimum fees like 50 INR.

Usually, detox is done in hospitals so the price varies according to the hospitals and their facilities. So, the cost can be anywhere between 500-1,00,000 INR depending on the hospital. Also, some people need 3 days of treatment and some may need 10 days. So, the price varies from person to person.

Thus, detox is a process to remove drugs or alcohol from the body. Whereas, rehab is more focused on counselling and inculcating good new habits by providing a friendly and positive environment. 

I hope now you have gained clarity and have got an answer to your question ‘how are rehab and detox centres different?’ So, one needs rehab after detoxification to overcome addiction in life. Detox focuses more on physical health and rehab pays more attention to mental health and mind to not depend on toxic substances.