Thinking about the comparison between rehab and hospice? Want to understand the major differences when it comes to rehab vs hospice?

In our current blog, I’m considering all the factors to make it easy for you to dig deeper into the nuances between hospice care and rehabilitation centres. 

Rehab versus Hospice: What are the Considerable Differences?

From purpose to facilities, rehab and hospice are totally distinct.

Let’s see what is the difference between rehab and hospice-

Rehab VS Hospice: Know the Real Meaning

Rehab is a course of treatment for one who is dependent on toxic substances like alcohol or drugs. It’s a place for people to get a good and friendly environment to overcome their addictions with guidance.

A hospice is a centre that provides special care to people who are sick or ill and are approaching the end of life due to serious illness.

Which Facilities are Included in Rehab and Hospice?

Individual counselling, group counselling, therapy and detoxification are some significant facilities provided by rehab centres. In addition, quality rehab service providers like Utile Foundation have other inclusions like hot water, healthy food, indoor games, wifi connection and much more to make one’s stay comfortable at rehabilitation centres.

Hospice care includes all the necessary facilities like doctors, nurses, spiritual counsellors and pharmacists who give medication care and suggestions, personal care includes assisting in bathing, eating, dressing etc.  All these facilities help the patients.

Rehab VS Hospice: What is the Main Purpose?

The main purpose of rehabilitation is to help drug or alcohol addicts to overcome their addiction and reduce their dependence on such substances by offering counselling therapy.

Whereas, the main purpose of hospice is to provide healthcare and personal care to people who are suffering from illnesses like cancer and are at the last stage of their life.

Rehab Center VS Hospice: Are these Owned by the Government?

There are many governments as well as private rehabilitation centres around the globe. In countries like India also you can find some government rehabs. However, most of the rehabs are privately owned and have a valid licence to run their organisation and programs.

In India, there are usually privately owned hospices. But the government, NGOs and also other private organisations offer funds to such hospices. 

What is the Cost of Joining a Rehabilitation Centre and Hospice?

In India, you can look for some government rehabs which provide free-of-cost service or a very minimum charge which is around 50 INR. Private rehab centres with basic good facilities price range are 200-1500 INR per day. However, there are luxurious rehabs that cost between 3-5 lakh per month for a person.

In India, there are limited hospices and they are run by charitable trusts. So, such organisations provide free of cost services. 

Thus, rehabilitation centres are meant for drug and alcohol addicts to overcome their habits. Whereas, hospice care is for people who are suffering from illnesses like cancer. So, both are totally different and have different purposes.

I hope you have gained clarity about rehab versus hospice. It is always good to reach out to rehab centres and hospices when there is a need.