Want to understand rehab versus nursing homes? Thinking about what is the difference between rehab and nursing home?

In our current blog, I’m explaining in detail all the nuances between nursing homes and rehab centres. This will help you to know how rehabilitation is totally different from a nursing home.

Rehab versus Nursing Home: What is the Difference?

Sometimes people think that there are some similarities between rehab and nursing homes. But in reality, there are many significant differences.

So, let’s understand skilled nursing facilities versus rehab facilities-

Rehab versus Nursing Home: Understand the Real Meaning

Rehab Centre is a place where one gets a course of treatment for alcohol or drug dependence, typically at a residential facility where people get a good and friendly environment to overcome their addictions with guidance.

A nursing Home is a small private institution which provides residential accommodation with healthcare, especially for elderly or aged people.

Rehab VS Nursing Home: What is the Main Purpose?

The purpose of rehab is to provide therapy and a good environment for drug and alcohol addicts so that they can overcome their addictions. The ultimate goal is to help people not to depend on substances like alcohol and guide them to lead normal life.

The main purpose of nursing homes is to offer healthcare service facilities to the aged, elderly and people who are in need. 

Rehab Versus Nursing Home: What are the facilities?

Rehab offers facilities that are needed for people to overcome drug or alcohol addictions. Such as individual counselling, group counselling, detoxification, etc. 

Also, good rehab centres offer many facilities to make one stay comfortable. For instance, Utile Foundation is a well-known rehab in India and along with counselling and therapy, it also includes facilities like hot water, wifi, healthy meals, indoor games, etc.

Nursing homes include personal care and offer assistance with dressing, bathing, eating etc. It also includes 24 hours emergency care, a skilled nursing facility, monitoring of medication, and healthy meals.

Rehab VS Nursing Home: Are these Organisations Owned by the Government?  

You can find government rehabs as well as private rehabs. In countries like India, most rehab centres are privately owned by having a licence. So, even to run a private rehab one must have a licence. 

Usually, nursing homes are privately owned centres. However, to run nursing homes one must need a valid licence.

Rehab VS Nursing Home: What is the Price?

There are some government rehab centres which charge no money for joining or a very minimal price of around 50 INR. A good private rehab’s price ranges anywhere between 200-1500 INR per day. Luxurious rehab costs between 3-5 lakh INR per month. 

Nursing homes charge anywhere between 500-14000 INR per day for a person. The price varies depending on the quality of services and facilities available in nursing homes. Also, it depends on the needs of the patients.

Thus, rehab centres mainly focus on providing services to drug or alcohol addicts to overcome their addictions. Whereas, nursing homes are meant for elderly people who need healthcare and personal care.

I hope now you have gained clarity and have got an answer to your question: how are SNFs and RFs different? It’s always good to reach out to rehab and nursing homes according to the needs and necessities.