“How to select a good rehab?” is a significant question that pops up in most people’s minds when thinking about joining rehabilitation.

In our current blog, I’m addressing all your queries about how to know if rehab is good for you.

How to Select a Good Rehab to Recover Faster and in a Better Way?

Selecting the right rehab is so important to get the maximum benefits. One recovers faster when one joins the best suitable rehabilitation.

So, let’s see how to choose a good rehab centre-

Selection Criteria for a Good Rehab Facility: 7 Significant Things to Consider

Let’s understand all the factors that you should consider while choosing a rehabilitation-


Choose A Rehab that Has a Valid Licence to Run Their Programs

Usually, most rehabilitation centres are private. But every rehabilitation centre must have a licence to run its programs. Licensed rehabs are trustworthy because usually a licence is a sign of quality and safety.  

For example, in India, you can find Utitle Foundation, which is a well-known rehab centre with a valid licence to conduct its programs. So, you should choose such rehabs that earn your trust and you feel safe to join.


Inquire if a Rehab is Offering Science-Backed Treatment

Reach out to rehabs and inquire about what type of treatment they have on their list to offer you. Check if all the treatments are science-backed or not. 

For example, Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), a natural method of detoxification and experienced counsellors, all these things are considered the science-backed treatment and one gets the right solution from such methods. So, while choosing a rehab, dig deeper into the programs.


Rehab Must Include One on One Counselling Therapy

Each person’s needs are different when it comes to counselling. Also, counselling is a significant part of rehabilitation to recover and lead a normal life.

So, you must see if a rehab centre is offering just group counselling or it also includes one on one counselling. Also, one feels secure and comfortable to open up when one engages in individual counselling. This helps to develop coping strategies. Thus, it is better to select rehab with an individual counselling program.


Check About the Food Facilities While Joining A Rehab Centre

Healthy and hygienic food plays an important role, not in everyone’s life. When one thinks of rehab, along with counselling and treatment, one must consume healthy meals. 

Thus, you must collect information about what a particular rehab offers you at the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rehabilitation centres are considered as a health sector and food is a basic need. So, don’t forget to consider inquiring about food facilities while choosing a rehab.


Select the Rehab that Makes Your Stay Comfortable

One must get a good environment at rehab centres. So, check what additional things a rehab offers along with counselling and therapy to make one’s stay comfortable.

For instance, a good rehab centre provides hot water, indoor games, WiFi to stay connected with family, etc. So, these things make one’s stay at rehab very easy and smooth. 


Look for Budget-Friendly Rehab Centres

When it comes to selecting rehabilitation, thinking about the cost is also important. There are budget-friendly to luxurious rehab centres that include expensive amenities.

You can find that some rehabs charge reasonable prices around 200-1500 INR per day. Whereas, the luxurious rehab price range is between 3-5 lakh INR per month. So, the cost must not create extra financial stress for you. Remember, a normal rehab also helps to recover and overcome addiction. So, you don’t need to spend on luxury.


Go Through Reviews and Feedback from the People Who Have Taken Services from a Particular Rehab

It gives you a better perspective about the rehab that you wish to join when you read feedback and reviews of the organisation online.

These days almost all the rehab centres have their official website. So, you can check what people are saying about a particular rehab. This helps you to compare different rehabilitations and choose the right one.

I hope now you have gained clarity on how to select a good rehab. It is always good to seek good rehab programs whenever needed to recover and lead a happy life.