Thinking about which people are susceptible to alcohol abuse? Want to know who is more likely to be an alcoholic? 

In our current blog, I’m explaining in detail about early warning signs of an alcoholic. This will help you to save yourself and your near and dear ones if they are inclined towards alcohol.

Who is More Likely to be an Alcoholic? – 9 Early Warning Signs

Every alcoholic’s journey begins with the first drink at some point in time. But if you have a clue how one becomes an alcoholic then you can stop and give the right direction to people and also to yourself.

So, let me share major reasons that enable alcoholism-


Spending Time with Friends Who Are Alcoholic

When one is part of a friend circle where all the people in the group consume alcohol often, then chances are more that one gets addicted to alcohol. 

This also happens because of peer pressure. One starts to drink more to fit in a particular group in college or the office. So, in such a case a person will be more likely to be an alcoholic because of the influence of others.


Who Starts to Drink Early in Life

Sometimes teenagers start to drink alcohol illegally. When one starts to consume alcohol early in life, gets addicted to it.

Also, teenagers easily get excited about trying new things and also get peer pressure as well. So, they can’t stop themselves and say ‘yes’ to alcohol. Gradually drinking becomes their habit.


When One Begins to Consume Alcohol because of Loneliness

Some people feel like they are lonely and empty. So, they try to fill their emptiness in life with substances like alcohol.

One who feels lonely often must engage in other good activities like hobbies rather than trying to sip alcohol. As person may think he/she won’t get addicted to it in the beginning but in the long run alcohol becomes a major part of their life.


Inclining Towards Alcohol Whenever One Feels Sad

Not everyone handles their emotions well. People who can’t manage their sadness try to depend on alcohol.

They drink whenever they feel sad. Then there will be situations in life when they have alcohol even for simple and silly reasons. This is how the journey of alcoholism begins.


Having Low Self-Esteem or Self Worth May Lead a Person to be Alcoholic

High self-esteem is necessary to push towards one’s goals and keep motivated in life. But people with low self-esteem think a lot of negative things and don’t try to give the right direction in life.

Such people fill their life with negativity and bad habits like drinking too much alcohol due to low self-esteem. 


If Consuming Alcohol is Encouraged at Home then One is More Likely to Be part of  Substance Abuse

When one’s parents are alcoholics and drinking is encouraged then their children will also be more likely to be alcoholics.

Kids feel like having alcohol is normal and necessary in life. When they grow up with such a mentality and environment then they will also start to have substances.


When One Does Not Have a Good Support System at Home

If a kid or a teenager does not get proper attention, love and care chances are more that they will depend on alcohol to feel good and avoid emotional pain.

When parents’ relationship with each other and with kids are not supportive then such children’s behaviour and perception will get affected.  When they start to grow up they get attracted towards drugs and alcohol to escape from their life’s reality.


When One Faces Financial Problems or Other Stressful Situations in life Start To Depend on Substances

Financial problems or any kind of stressful situation make one consume heavy alcohol to avoid stress. But when the external situations come to normal by that time a person seems to have got addicted to alcohol.

So, it is important to pay close attention to your near and dear ones who are trying to depend on alcohol during stress. 


Not Feeling like Working Without Consuming Alcohol

There are people who feel like consuming alcohol before starting their work. This is a sign that one is more likely to be an alcoholic.

The urge for alcohol will go on increasing and a person will become an alcoholic in the very near future.

I hope you have gained clarity about who is more likely to be an alcoholic. If you ever find that your friends or relatives are trying to depend on alcohol, give your best support to help them so that they should not get addicted to it.