Wondering which is a highly recommended rehab center in Bangalore? Is it challenging for you to find trustworthy and reliable rehabilitation?

At ‘Utile Foundation’, we have been conducting effective rehab programs in Bangalore for years with a team of experts. In our current blog, I’m going to provide all the necessary details about our well-known addiction recovery center.

‘Utile Foundation’ is a Highly Recommended Rehab Center in Bangalore for De-Addiction

With a valid license, Utile Foundation is an authorized rehab center to conduct all the effective programs for alcoholics and drug addicts for de-addiction.

Our qualified team includes licensed physicians, cousellors and therapists. The rock solid team have experience and a strong motive to guide people to transform their life by overcoming addictions.

What Does Utile Foundation Include in De-Addiction Programs?

We have various types of proven and result-driven rehab programs. The de-addiction treatment depends upon an individual’s needs and health condition.

Detoxification, individual counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), group counselling, fitness training, are the top-notch programs in our effective rehab center in Bangalore.

We Prioritize Safety During Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Method Under the Guidance of Experts

Detoxification is necessary for removing toxic substances from the body. So, when an alcoholic or drug addict requires detoxification therapy, we do it with utmost care.

We provide 24/7 care during the detoxification process. Moreover, we follow safe and natural detoxification methods for addicts. Due to our care and support system, we have become the trusted rehab center in Bangalore.

One-On-One Counselling for Alcohol and Drug Recovery with Personalized Treatment

Counsellors at our rehab center are empathetic and supportive. Alcoholics and drug addicts feel safe and comfortable talking about their addiction, anxiety and fears with our counsellors without any hesitation.

Thus, the counsellors provide personalised and effective solutions for de-addiction after engaging in deep discussion during individual counselling sessions. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Helps in Speedy Recovery of Addicts

Through CBT it becomes easy to develop cognitive skills in alcoholic and drug addicts such as reasoning, decision making, planning, etc. Behavioural therapy proves to be very beneficial for addicts.

Thus, CBT helps people to have control over their negative thoughts and emotions. This results in making conscious choices and making efforts to de-addiction and incline towards good habits.

Most Suggested Group Counselling in Bengaluru for Substance Abuse Problems

Group counselling is an effective part of our alcohol and drug recovery programs. People talk and discuss their journey in the group with the guidance of a counsellor.

This encourages everyone in the group and helps them to get motivated and move towards de-addiction. Our motive for group counselling is to provide a comfortable environment where people learn from each other to make one’s own de-addiction achievable.

We Provide Hygienic, Healthy and Fresh Food in Our Rehabilitation Center

One should not need to worry about the food facility at our rehab center.

We provide healthy breakfast, lunch and meals for all the inpatients. 

Additional Facilities in Rehab Center

We believe in providing comfort for inpatients during their stay in our rehab. We have all the facilities like hot water, washing machine, WiFi connection, etc.

Also, for entertainment, we have included indoor games like carrom in our rehab in Bangalore.

Cost of Good Rehabilitation Programs in Bengaluru

The price for addiction recovery programs depends on the type of therapy and the quality of services one gets at the rehab center.

In cities like Bangalore, the cost of the de-addiction program ranges anywhere between 200-1500 INR per day. At ‘Utile Foundation’, we offer our programs at reasonable prices. We are glad that people consider us as an affordable and personalized rehab center in Bangalore.

I hope now you have gained clarity about the top-rated rehab center in Bangalore. Reach out to us to get support in de-addiction. You can call us on +91 72044 94005 to get more information about our programs and rehabilitation.