Wondering why Utile Foundation is a good start for alcohol recovery? 

In our current blog, I’m sharing major reasons for undergoing recovery at Utile Bangalore. This will help you to understand how our rehab programs help in de addiction and transform the lives of alcoholics forever.

11 Remarkable Reasons Why Utile Foundation is a Good Start for Alcohol Recovery

It is important to understand what benefits an alcoholic gets by joining our rehabilitation. So, let me address your significant question, “Is Utile Foundation worth it for alcohol recovery?”

Let’s dig deeper into the importance of the Utile Foundation in alcohol de-addiction-


Utile Foundation has a Valid Licence to Conduct Alcohol Rehab Programs 

It’s important to choose the right rehab centre which has a licence to run the different types of rehab programs for alcoholics

Alcoholism is related to mental and physical health so we understand the concern regarding trust. At ‘Utile Foundation’, we believe in ethics and we have the approval to provide de-addiction services with safety.


Top-Notch Empathetic Counsellors are Part of Utile’s Alcohol Recovery Programs

Empathy plays magic while handling and treating alcoholism. We have built a team of counsellors in Bangalore who are more empathetic and sensitive towards alcoholics while treating them.

Moreover, our counsellors have years of experience to communicate well with addicts and understanding them better. 


Our Rehabilitation Offers One on One Counselling for Alcoholics for Personalised Treatment

Our counsellors understand that it’s not easy for alcoholics to make them talk and share about their addictions. So, counsellors provide a safe, friendly and comfortable environment during one-on-one counselling for alcohol recovery.

With this counsellors enable deep discussions with an alcoholic to offer personalised treatment based on their needs.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) at Utile Foundation Help Addicts Healing Anxiety Problems

Cognitive skills like decision making, reasoning and planning, can be developed in alcoholics with CBT. These skills help addicts to have control over their negative thoughts.

Moreover, such behavioural therapy proves to be very beneficial for addicts who are suffering from anxiety, depression and illness due to alcoholism.


Group Counselling Under the Guidance of Counsellors Motivates Alcoholics to Overcome Addictions

Group counselling is an effective part of our alcohol recovery programs in Utile Bangalore.

The main purpose of group counselling at our rehab is to create a support system for alcoholics to get inspired by their peers in de-addiction. This also helps the addict’s belongingness by socialising with others in the group.


Safe Detoxification Method is Followed at Utile Rehab by Prioritising One’s Health

Detoxification is needed for alcoholics to remove toxic substances from the body. This is a risky thing to do at home.

We have experts, who follow safe and natural methods at our recovery centre. Our team provides the right medical care during detoxification by prioritising safety.


Our Rehab Provides Healthy Breakfast and Meals

We believe that food is an important aspect for a person during alcohol de-addiction. Good meals satisfy the body and mind during recovery.

Thus, at our rehabilitation centre, we make sure that the quality of meals is healthy with good taste. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner to those who join our rehab for alcohol recovery.


Indoor Games at Utile Centre Makes One’s Stay Comfortable a Rehabilitation for Recovery

At Utile Foundation we believe in happiness and a positive environment. 

We have indoor games like chess, carrom etc at our alcohol rehab centre. One can enjoy and indulge in indoor games without getting bored during alcohol recovery days.


WiFi at Our Rehab Centre Makes it Easy For People to Stay Connected with Their Family and Loved Ones

Our rehab is not a prison! We provide a WiFi internet facility to alcoholics to make a call and stay connected with their family members. 

Family support is truly important during addiction. So, we take care of the emotions of alcoholics and provide them with a good environment with amenities like WiFi.


Necessary Facilities like Washing Machine and Hot Water are Accessible 24/7 at Utile Recovery Centre

During the alcohol recovery phase, one should not feel an extra burden of chaos at a rehab. We make it easy for people by providing washing machines, hot water, etc.

There will not be any difficulty in day-to-day activities in alcoholics’ life at our centre during their stay.


Utile Organization Has Top Ratings and Original Reviews from People Who Joined Our De-Addiction Therapy

Utile Foundation is recognised and considered a top-rated rehab centre in Bangalore with positive feedback from people.

We are glad to say that we helped so many alcoholics to reshape their life with our effective recovery programs. 

I hope now you have understood why the Utile Foundation is a good start for alcohol recovery. It is always better to seek help from an expert for de-addiction. Feel free to reach out to us to make recovery possible.